Front Office or any part of your business operations that requires constant end-customer-facing tasks is an essential part of your business whether its customer service, technical support via chat, email, or phone. 

TRU29 has extensive experience in this field. Contact us now and let’s explore how outsourcing your front office business process will benefit your Company.


Braving a whole new world.

In today’s competitve business world, just simply addressing a customer’s query is not enough.

For your business to really thrive in this new whole new world, a great customer experience is a must  whether that interaction happened via video conferencing, phone, email or chat.

With the ever evolving business terminologies, what does customer experience really means.  

There are a lot of blogs, articles, books, online videos offerring various definitions, strategies, managament methodologies, or what not.  

In Tru29, we prefer to always simplify things, so for us, Customer Experience is simply making your customer, or whoever it is that wanted to interact with you business… happy!


some of the business processes that TRU29 can handle for you

Technical Support


Sales / Telemarketing

Customer Service


Order Taking


Virtual Assistant / Receptionist

Claims Processing

Reservation & Booking

Enquiries & Product Information

And a lot more.

Some of the feedbacks about TRU29

"I guess you can say we have been one of their very first client as we have our contact center and even back office has been outsourced to this team all the way back in 2011 up to now. The length of years with them simply says it all!"
"We have outsourced to other companies before and homnestly we were ready to give up outsourcing as a business strategy until Tru29 came along."
Operations Manager
"They make things simply and easy. Been using their service for years now and it has greatly contributed to the growth of our business. I normally don't recommend suppliers or vendors to others but will surely make an exemption for Tru29."
Michael S.
Managing Director

Some of our clients and partners


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