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Every business wants to be assured that they got the right one to outsource to. TRU29’s long list of satisfied clients is your guarantee that TRU29 has the expertise gained through the years of experience in the global market.

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"I guess you can say we have been one of their very first client as we have our contact center and even back office has been outsourced to this team all the way back in 2011 up to now. The length of years with them simply says it all!"
"Trustworthiness is TRU29's key attribute which made the agency work with them. They are effective marketers, able to grow the following and visibility of any client or model that is endorsed to them. The team is also resilient and strive to fix any issues that are encountered."
"So far, the company is satisfied with the services that TRU29 Solutions Inc. has been delivering. They're reachable and responsive to any issues and providing daily updates to the company. Overall, they have fostered a positive relationship with the client by being cooperative and professional. "

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