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at TRU29… we make it a point to make this our second home (or sometimes even our primary one for some).

Virtual Office, Seat Lease and EOR (employer on record)

TRU29 is the culmination of a long history of passion to bring the best outsourcing solution to the global market.

In 2020, TRU29 was born to consolidate the various partnerships and mergers of various Philippine-based BPO firms, IT and Seat Leasing firms. 

THE main objective of setting up TRU29 is to create and continue to build a Business Process Outsourcing firm that truly serves the needs of a business that wants to leverage outsourcing as part of its strategy rather than limiting them to boxed and non-flexible services.


  • IF the business needs just a part-time staff to do the task to be outsourced, TRU29 will design a way to deliver this.
  • IF the business needs hundreds of staff to do the tasks to be outsourced, TRU29 will design a way to deliver this.
  • IF the business needs a task to be outsourced without the huge cost of hiring, TRU29 will design a way to deliver this.

Simply put, TRU29 was established to provide the global market with an alternative BPO that can design tailor-fit solutions that truly suit one’s business needs.

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From Past to Present

TRU29 was established to bring various companies dealing with BPO and Outsourcing related services under one banner which started in an 80 seating capacity in Ortigas Center. 

With our commitment to grow our business together with our stakeholders, TRU29 has outgrown its 80 seater birthplace and grown into a 24×7 operations servicing clients across the globe from it’s various operations site across the Philippines.

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At TRU29, you are assured of an Outsourcing Partner that designs solutions that truly suits your business needs. So whether you need a call center, EOR, etc. TRU29 is here to grow with you.

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