Although the customer-facing type of tasks is essential to good customer experience, tasks being done in the background is as important.

Tru29 has been providing this type of outsourcing solutions to various businesses across the globe so you can be assured of a reliable and experienced workforce.




Examples of front office business processes that we can handle for you

Data Entry

Document Processing 


Billing Back Office Support

Healthcare Back Office

Credit Repair Back Office

Insurance Back Office

Loan / Mortgage Processing

Debt Settlement / Consolidation


Any other non-customer-facing tasks/roles.

Designing outsourced solutions that is suited to meet your real business needs.


How is the service delivered?

Full Managed
When you outsource to Tru29, we can manage all the day-to-day operations for you from recruiting staff, supervising, performance management, etc.  
This allows you to have more time to focus on your core business which is more important.
Joint Managed

This model allows you to have control of the day-to-day operations and performance management, while, Tru29 handles the other aspects of the operations such as internet connectivity, office and amenities, recruitment, human resources related  items like payroll, benefits administration, etc.

It’s just like having a branch office offshore that you still have full control with.