Welcome to Tru29

Are you tired of seeing numerous websites that displays pre-designed outsourcing services that doesn't meet your business needs? This is exactly what Tru29 is all about.

Conceptualized way back in 2008. Tru29 designs Outsourcing Solutions that truly suits your business needs rather than the other way around.
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Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To create a partnership that truly benefits the business and contribute to its' growth.

Our Mission

To create outsourcing solutions that is designed to truly suit one's business needs.​

Our Story

TRU29 is a product of more than a a decade of evolution through partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions over the years.

It all started as a dream... a dream to create an Outsourcing Solutions Provider that is not bounded to the traditional boxed services that proliferated in the global market back in the mid 2000's.

It's concept was founded way back in 2006 to create a BPO (business process outsourcing) that will deliver customized services & solutions that is truly suitable to the business needs.Past forward to the present, TRU29 has grown to serve various businesses across different verticals worldwide.


How do we design solutions?

Gather & Identification

We take time to sit down and truly understand your business needs to identify how outsourcing can be efficiently applied.

Design a Solution That fits

We work with you to design a solution that truly fits your needs based on what we have gathered and identified together.

Launch & Implementation

We launch and implement the solution we designed together with a set of KPI's to gauge how we're tracking.

Continuous Improvement

We never believed in the word "perfect". After launching, we continually strive to identify areas of improvement together.



Our business is built on the vision of creating true partnership and growing together. If your business needs only 1 agent, then we will do such.

We can always increase staffing as we grow your business together.

Yes. We have 3 operation centers / sites located in strategic areas to ensure we have redundancy. 

Yes of course. We can definitely have the agent reporting to you directly. Not a problem at all.  

This depends on a lot of factor such as billing model, volume of work, number of staff needed, scope of work to be outsourced, etc. 

What we can guarantee is that we can definitely tailor suit something that is mutually beneficial in regards to cost.


Some more fun facts

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