What we set out to do

Our Vision

Be the "generic" name when it comes to innovation and production of new ideas how Outsourcing can deliver what is needed.


Our Mission

Never rely on out of the box solution. We innovate and come up with new outsourcing solution that truly suit one's needs and contributes to the business growth.

Why such vision & mission?

The Need

We've been approached numerous times by some friends who tried outsourcing with various firms but didn't work. Some just couldn't find a firm that can offer what their business needs.

Problem Solving

Our people loves to think out of the box that results with innovative solutions that has never been seen before in the outsourcing industry.


We were able to prove that there is more to Outsourcing than just "Call Center" as we have been able to produce results that truly suited a client's business need.

Innovation and Ideas

Outsourcing just like any other industries have limitations. But we also believe that with the right combination of ideas and how it is executed, there is more that outsourcing can meet.


Our people have been in various industries coupled with numerous years within the outsourcing industry itself. As they say, "experience is the best teacher!".


Our results speaks for itself and you can freely discuss with other satisfied clients as to how we were able to tailor suit outsourcing for their business.

Found something interesting ?


Are you tired of seeing numerous websites that display pre-designed outsourcing services that don't meet your business needs? This is exactly what TRU29 is all about.

Awards & Recognitions

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