Health is Wealth!

At TRU29, we always believed health is wealth!

As such, the management has made it a point to provide a comprehensive HMO Benefit to it’s employees on top of the government mandated Philhealth benefit.

Together with the HMO benefit in partnership with Cocolife, an annual physical exam is held for TRU29’ers whether they are working from home or office based. This is to ensure everyone is on tip-top shape for a better quality workforce!

And this month is the time once again for the Annual Physical Exam in partnership with CocoLife and Clinica Manila where TRU29’ers will undergo various tests and maintain a culture of health and wellness within the organization.

Due to such health and wellness programs and benefits for its employees, TRU29 is proud to be one of the BPO firms in the Philippines that has the lowest rate of attrition due to illness as well as sick leave utilization at 0.8%

The APE is scheduled to run for the whole month of April to ensure everyone is given the chance and time. 

TRU29 is also planning more health and wellness related programs as we consider this a part of “Growing Together”!


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