TRU29 launches TRUengin!

TRU29‘s history spans more than a decade in the International Outsourcing Industry and as such it has been implementing a Joint Managed Service Delivery model wherein the client has full control of the day-to-day operations, staff supervision and performance management while TRU29 is on the background assisting the client on any aspect of the daily operations as well as human resources, recruitment, compensation and benefits administration, etc.

With such a service delivery model, an efficient system is required to ensure all aspects of the human resources, recruitment, employment, compensation and benefits administration, and related items are processed accordingly. Hence, TRU29 established an account portal where the client can easily manage their remote/offshore team. This system allowed our clients to easily onboard, manage, payroll up to the staff’s severance which has been ongoing up to the present.


During the height of the lockdowns globally due to Covid, various businesses needed to reorganize their systems and how they work to adapt to situation. As such, TRU29 saw the need for a platform that will allow any business to onboard/hire, pay, and mantain compliance for their staff working from home/remotely in the Philippines which can be addressed by it’s account portal system. This was the catalyst for TRU29 to rebrand it’s Account Portal system concept in partnership with one of Philippines’s leading IT-Software Company Ascender Innovations and gave birth to TRUengin.


Basically, the Account Portal platform of TRU29 Solutions was reborn as TRUengin which is more flexible and robust. Designed for any busines regardless where they are located to be able to  hire, onboard, process the payroll, track attendance, and a lot more in the Philippines!

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