HR Talks

At TRU29, we have always been a believer that our staff is the most valuable asset of the organization. In line with such, TRU29’s Employee Engagement team constantly endeavor to come up with various activities that creates a fun environment, adds knowledge to the staff,  provides avenue to showcase the staff’s capabilities, build camaraderie and many more.

As such, the AHR Division recently held it’s first “HR Talks” for this year in partnership with the governement institution Philhealth, a symposium was held to discuss the various benefits that Philhealth brings to every private company employee. The said event was facilitated by guest speakers from Philhealth namely Mr. Jose Marcellano Eupena and Mr. Arboy Bernal.

L-R: Axlhie Ablay-HR Supervisor, Maybelyn Casal-HR Talent Acquisition Specialist, Mr. Jose Marcellano Eupena-Philhealth, Mr. Arboy Bernal-Philhealth.

The event was definitely informative and was full of fun activities as well! Looking forward to the next HR Talk or other fun events that is brewing inside the AHR Division’s creative minds!

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