Risks and Advantages of Outsourcing Product Data Entry

In a world where the digital business framework is being embraced faster than ever and customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of almost all companies, it is imperative that online stores keep their sites updated with all the latest products. Product data entry is an important task, which helps in increasing the overall conversion rate, but requires a manual workforce and is highly time-consuming.

As technology keeps changing continuously, more product designs being created, and companies coming up with different products and ideas, products and product information should be updated on an e-commerce site from time to time. However, it can be difficult for businesses to regularly update their e-commerce sites and manage their other functionalities. Therefore, outsourcing product data entry is a smart option.

Why Should You Outsource Product Data Entry Services?

When you upload data for several products on your e-commerce website, you need the assistance of a specialist who can seamlessly manage the entire process end-to-end. By doing this you can save time and energy by outsourcing the task to a professional service provider, rather than doing it all by yourself. The time that you save by outsourcing can be utilized to complete other important tasks of your business, which need your attention.

Following are some of the reasons you should seriously think about outsourcing product data entry –

  • A reliable product data entry service provider will be able to complete the task with far more accuracy than compared to anyone else who would perform the same task in your office. Besides, outsourcing data entry services for publishing product details on your e-commerce website is relatively cheaper than doing it in-house
  • You can get access to certified and experienced data entry professionals at reasonable rates when you choose to outsource your requirements to an external service provider. Your chosen partner works just like your extended team, as per your instructions. Outsourcing product data entry services also guarantee expert management of your product data
  • Once your focus is not on data handling anymore, you tend to have more time for performing core and critical tasks of your business. You can focus on customer loyalty and customer retention strategies. Product data entry service companies know the market they are working in, and hence handle product data in a sensitive and professional manner. They guarantee to keep your data safe by taking necessary precaution and effective security measures

4 Major Risks of Outsourcing Product Data Entry

There are some companies who refrain from outsourcing product data entry jobs to other service providers due to certain risks associated with it. Let’s explore what could those risks be. Some of the major risks associated with e-commerce product data entry outsourcing include –

  1. The threat of product information being stolen or misused or the fear of sensitive product data being compromised is one of the biggest potential risk associated with outsourcing product data entry
  2. Not finding a reliable service provider who could provide high-quality product data entry services, within the desired timeline. This could lead to a dent in brand image in the eyes of customers
  3. Not having complete control over the product data entry process can be troublesome for some e-commerce firms when they outsource their tasks. Most companies fear a lack of authority and direction when a third-party service provider is doing the work
  4. High chances of miscommunication prevail when a service provider is from a different country like China or Japan. Language barriers exist, which could lead to wrong product information being uploaded

6 Pointers to Choosing the Right Service Provider for Product Data Entry

Many leading companies use product data entry services for updating their e-commerce sites, and there are numerous data entry service providers who offer different types of services. Therefore, while outsourcing product data entry it is important to choose the right service provider in terms of reliability, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Following are some important tips for choosing an outsourcing partner, which when considered will help businesses to avoid the risks associated with outsourcing product data entry –

  1. You must select a service provider based on the nature of your business, as well as the nature of the information that you can share with the service provider
  2. There are many risks involved in sharing sensitive product information with a third-party service provider. Ideally, in case of data entry of products on an e-commerce site, you can enquire and evaluate different software leveraged by the service provider and then choose the one that precisely caters to your product data entry needs
  3. Look into the ease of service when outsourcing product data entry services requirements. This will help you stay ahead of the game, handle site and technology well, and keep your customers happy
  4. Make sure that an expert in managing operations on your behalf, and is accurately updating your e-commerce site, with the right product specifications, images, and testimonials
  5. While outsourcing product data entry services it is essential to ensure that your service provider uses the latest technologies for updating product data and is not averse to new, innovative ideas and processes related to product data entry
  6. Start easily with a reliable service provider, and determine the scale of partnership by sharing the relevant amount of product data

4 Key Advantages of Outsourcing Product Data Entry

While it is important to keep in mind the risks associated with outsourcing your product data entry requirements to a third-party service provider, you must not forget that the benefits of e-commerce product data entry outsourcing overshadow the risks associated with it. You will realize that it is a wise decision to have another company do this task for you. Take a look at what the advantages are.

  1. More time to concentrate on the core areas of your business. Make productive use of the time that you save by outsourcing, and increase productivity rates of your employees
  2. Efficient management of data is one of the major benefits of product data entry outsourcing. Outsourcing helps you to manage product data with more accuracy and flexibility with the support from experienced data entry professionals and specialists
  3. Cost-friendly service within a quick turnaround time is one of those benefits of product data entry outsourcing, which cannot be ignored. With experts working for you, it is easy to monitor the status of your project, and reap the benefits of work being completed within the agreed timelines
  4. Data security and accurate product information upload in a secure environment reassures that you need not worry about product data being compromised

Why Should You Consider e-commerce Product Data Entry Outsourcing to India?

While there may be a few risks involved in outsourcing product data entry services, you must not forget that it helps you save time, energy, and resources, which can be utilized more efficiently on other core tasks of your e-commerce business. Therefore, the benefits of product data entry outsourcing are numerous. India is one such outsourcing destination, which offers quick and efficient product data entry services to global clients.

The benefits associated with product data entry outsourcing to India are numerous, which include –

  • Time-zone Advantage – The time-zone difference proves to be highly beneficial for improving productivity and complete the project well within the stipulated deadline
  • Unmatched Accuracy and Quality – Indian outsourcing partners stress quality and hence by outsourcing to India, businesses can be assured of highly efficient product data entry services
  • Skilled Resources – BPOs in India recruit well-experienced and suitable resources for the job to ensure exemplary services
  • Access to Latest Technologies – Professional outsourcing companies in India regularly upgrade the tools and technologies they leverage to assure their clients of quick and accurate services
  • Reduced Operational Costs – By offshoring to outsourcing firms such as Tru29 can save huge on the costs associated with infrastructure, technology, business operations, labor, etc.

Choose Flatworld for Quick and Efficient Product Data Entry Services

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